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Math Tutoring

Math can be a struggle for many students and problems can develop at any age. Based on placement tests, it is estimated that approximately 60% of high school graduates in the US are not qualified to take a college math course. In addition, this does not include high school students who don’t graduate because of math deficiencies. The US Dept of Education released the results from the National Assessment of Educational Progress from 2017 and only 33% tested proficient in math at their grade level.

Much of these issues are related to the emphasis on testing and not on teachers. This emphasis on testing leads us to throwing too much information at our students to help them perform well on the tests each year. However, this process doesn’t help them necessarily retain the knowledge or help them think about how to solve new math problems.

At the Texas Tutor Team, we believe that students need to master a math concept before we move on to the next concept. We have a proprietary curriculum that we use to help students master any concepts that they missed along their school journey. In addition, we have a team of tutors that help match students from K – college and we cover math, algebra 1, algebra 2, geometry, pre-calculus, and calculus. We also have SAT/ACT tutors that cover the math associated with these tests. 

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    Our Math Tutoring Process


    For students up through algebra 1, we have the following process to help them with their math:

    • We provide a free on-line assessment so we can identify any skill gaps.
    • With the use of the assessment results, we use our materials to work on skill gaps.
    • We also match this proposal up with the Texas state math standards for the given grade.
    • Based on the time of the school year, we match up the outline with what a student is currently learning in class.
    • We provide a free consultation with parents with our proposed course of action.
    • We also help with homework if parents would like us to do this as well.

    For students above algebra 1, we follow the same process above except without the assessment.

    In addition, the Texas Tutor Team offers tutoring options as follows:

    • 1:1 In-Home tutoring
    • 1:1 Remote/virtual tutoring
    • Small classes are available at a discount
    • No minimum amount or number of hours required
    • The free on-line assessment is recommended but optional

    Common Math Issues

    The common math issues that students have can be grouped as:

    1-3rd Grade

    • Place Values
    • Comparing and Ordering Data
    • Addition/Subtraction Tables

    4-5th Grade

    • Multiplication/Division Tables
    • Fractions, Decimals, Percentages

    6th-8th Grade

    • Displaying Data
    • Central Tendencies (mean, median, and mode)
    • 2D and 3D Shapes
    • Area and Perimeter
    • Equations and Graphing

    Math Assessment Results

    The math assessment results can be grouped into 5 categories.

    • Number and Operations (includes multiplication/division tables, fractions, decimals)
    • Measurement (includes money, temperature, time and length and volumes)
    • Data Analysis (includes patterns and sorting, probability, and displaying data)
    • Geometry (includes 2D/3D shapes, triangles, area and perimeter)
    • Algebraic Thinking (includes expressions and problem solving, equations)


    Below is an example of the output for a 6th grade math student.  Each of the 5 math categories shown above has a grade level based on the student’s results.   In addition, there is an overall grade level calculated for the student which in this case is 5.3 or in the lower 5th grade.

    We also have details for each assessment which allows us to drill down to individual concepts within each math category.    This is how we design a unique math tutoring proposal for each student.

    Math Assessment Score Results

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