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Most people learn in a variety of ways. However, we tend to have one or two preferred learning styles. If your child is struggling in one or more subjects, one way to help them is to identify their preferred learning styles and to teach them accordingly. Utilizing your child’s preferred learning styles can help improve their learning.

Some students struggle in one or more of their classes and this can happen even if they have had no previous issues. In such situations, many parents attempt to help their children only to find their child resistant to this help and everyone is frustrated. A private tutor is often able to help in such situations.

Our expertly-developed, customized, proven curriculum is so effective that we guarantee your child’s grade will improve by at least one full grade level or ten percentage points. Our proven curriculum, plus one-to-one undivided attention, is why we can guarantee such results.

You can read more about our process below, fill out the form above for a no obligation consultation or schedule a free no-obligation skills assessment to see what needs your student has.

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    Fall SAT & ACT Tutoring

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    Our Tutoring Process

    If you reside in or around Cypress, TX, you’re fortunate to have access to a reputable tutoring service in the area. The tutors at the Texas Tutor Team – North West Houston take the success of every student seriously, and we look forward to serving your family whether your child requires just a few sessions or needs long-term assistance with multiple subjects.

    • It all starts with a skills assessment so we can identify any skill gaps. (Click here to sign up for this)
    • Utilizing the skill assessment results, we perform a consultation to match our materials, the students learning style and address skill gaps
    • Our tutoring plan is aligned with the Texas state standards for a given grade.
    • We further customized our approach to match up the outline with what a student is currently learning in class.
    • Our tutors also help with homework if parents would like us to do this as well.
    • In addition, we can help students with any writing issues that may have.

    Regardless of whether your student could use help with math, science, or history, our services will be based on his or her individual learning style. Our tutors have a wealth of experience upon which to draw, and we’ll make use of every tool at our disposal in an effort to achieve the results that you’re seeking. Our flexible hours include weekday and weekend appointments, and our tutors are available to meet with students at our center or in their own homes

    In addition, the Texas Tutor Team offers tutoring options for Tutoring Students In Cypress TX: 

    • 1:1 In-Home tutoring
    • 1:1 Remote/virtual tutoring
    • Small classes are available at a discount
    • No minimum amount or number of hours required
    • The free on-line assessment is recommended but optional 

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    Fall SAT & ACT Tutoring

    Fall Tutoring Special

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