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Table of Contents

– The SAT
– The ACT
– The GED
– The TSI

What Standardized Tests Are For

Admission to colleges or universities is highly competitive these days. Most schools still require a minimum SAT or ACT for incoming students. Also, schools may provide substantial scholarships to students who excel on these entrance exams.

The Texas Tutor Team’s test prep programs focus on preparing each student to achieve their best results on the PSAT, SAT, or ACT. Texas Tutor Team tutors will help students:

Understand the differences between the SAT and ACT and determine the best test for each student.

Learn the success strategies essential for the SAT or ACT. This includes specific strategies for the reading, writing and language, math, and science (ACT) sections.

Practice using these strategies to build confidence to identify each type of question and to arrive at the correct answer quickly.
Prepare juniors for the PSAT so they have a chance to earn a National Merit Scholarship.

In addition, the Texas Tutor Team offers tutoring options as follow:

  • 1:1 In-Home tutoring
  • 1:1 Remote/virtual tutoring
  • Small classes are available at a discount
  • No minimum amount or number of hours required

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    Test Tutoring Process

    At the Texas Tutor Team, our 1:1 in-home and virtual/remote tutoring system focuses on each student’s unique needs and learning styles in order to achieve the best results possible. 

    With the aid of our team of tutors, students learn specific test-taking approaches to lead them through even the most difficult aspects of the exam.  Our tutors will reveal the methods for uncovering the best choice for multiple-choice questions, for organizing thoughts and thinking creatively for essay portions, and for analyzing question structure to select the best conclusion. 

    Students will also be taught how to better manage exam time.  Once our students master these test-taking techniques, they will substantially increase their prospects for scoring higher on their examination.

    SAT Test Prep Houston

    SAT Test Description

    A standardized test used by many colleges in the United States for their admissions process.  The SAT focuses on Reading, Writing and Language, Math and an optional Essay section.

    SAT Reading Section

    • A student has 65 minutes to answer 52 multiple-choice questions.
    • The reading section requires students to read 5 passages and answer questions associated with literature, historical documents, natural sciences, and social sciences.

    SAT Writing and Language Section

    • A student will have 35 minutes to answer 44 multiple-choice questions.
    • These questions are focused on vocabulary in context, grammar and editing skills.

    SAT Math Sections

    The math questions are split into two sections.  The first math section does not allow students to use a calculator whereas on the second math section calculators are allowed.

    No Calculator Section

    • A student has 25 minutes to answer 20 questions.
    • The 1st 15 questions are multiple choice while the last five are “grid-in” questions or fill in the blank.

    Calculator Section

    • A student has 55 minutes to answer 38 questions.
    • The 1st 30 questions are multiple choice while the last 8 are grid-in questions.

    Types of Math Questions on the SAT

    Heart of Algebra 

    These types of questions involve systems of equations, linear equations, absolute values, and inequalities.

    Problem Solving and Data Analysis

    These types of questions include data interpretation such as reading charts, graphs, and tables.  Students may see questions involving rates, percentages, linear and exponential relationships, ratios, and probability.

    Passport to Advanced Math

    This includes creating exponential functions, solving quadratic equations, and manipulation of polynomials.

    The SAT Essay Section

    The SAT Essay is a response to a passage, in which 50 minutes is allotted to complete. The goal is to establish the ability to respond to an author’s argument.

    Essay Section Details

    • This is an optional portion of the SAT test.
    • However, some schools will recommend that students complete this portion of the test.
    • A student reads a passage and writes an essay to explain how the author constructed persuasive arguments.
    • A student completes 1 essay in 50 minutes.

    SAT Test Dates

    ACT Test Description

    This is a standardized test used by many colleges for their admission process in the United States. The ACT test focuses on four skill area in academics: Math, Reading, Science and Enlgish.

    ACT Reading Section

    A student has 35 minutes to complete 40 questions.  The reading questions are split among these types of questions:

    • Key ideas and details (55% of questions)
    • Craft and structure (30% of questions)
    • Integration of knowledge and ideas (15% of questions)


    ACT English Section

    • A student has 45 minutes to answer 75 questions.
    • Some questions will refer to underlined parts in the passage and then ask a student to answer based on specific elements of writing.
    • Some questions will not involve underlined words or phrases but will refer to specific sections of a passage or the entire passage.

    Types of ACT English Questions

    Production Writing (30%)

    These questions will involve topic development as well as organization, clarity, and cohesion.

    Knowledge of Language (15%)

    These questions test the effective use of the English language.

    Conventions of Standard English (55%)

    These questions will test sentence and structure formation, punctuation, and usage.

    ACT Math Section 

    A student has 60 minutes to complete 60 questions.  These questions are split into 3 categories. 

    Preparing for Higher Math 

    This includes number and quantity, algebra, functions, geometry, and statistics and probability.

    Integrating Essential Skills

    This includes rates, percentages, proportional relationships, surface area, volume, average & median, and expression of numbers in different ways.


    This includes producing, interpreting, understanding, evaluating and improving models across various math topics.


    ACT Science Section

    A student has 35 minutes to complete 40 questions.

    • The questions cover the areas of Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Earth/Space sciences.
    • Interpretation of Data (50%)
    • Scientific Investigation (25%)
    • Evaluation of Models, Inferences, and Experimental Results (25%)

    ACT Test Dates

    GED Test Description

    GED stands for General Education Development and is offered as an alternative to a high school diploma.  The test consists of four subjects providing certification that the test taker has high school level of academic skills in the United States.

    Mathematical Reasoning Section

    • A student has 115 minutes to complete 46 questions.
    • The first 5 questions are completed first (no calculator) and submitted before completing the remaining math questions.
    • For the last 41 questions, a student is allowed to use a calculator.

    Reasoning Through Language Arts Section

    • A student has a total of 150 minutes to complete this section.  
    • This section will include 45 minutes to complete an essay with the remaining time for content questions.
    • The content questions include the use of standard written English, including grammar, capitalization, punctuation, and usage.

    Science Section

    • A student has 90 minutes to complete multiple-choice, hot spot, drop and drag, and fill-in-the blank format questions.
    • This section includes questions from Life Science, Physical Science, and Earth/Space Science.
    • About half of the questions refer to a reading passage while the other half are stand-alone questions.

    Social Studies Section

    • A student has 70 minutes to complete multiple-choice, hot spot, drop and drag, and fill-in-the blank format questions.
    • This section focuses on topics in Civics and Government, U.S. History, Economics, and Geography and the World.
    • About half of the questions refer to a reading passage while the other half are stand-alone questions.

    Texas Success Initiative (TSI)

    This assessment is required for students that would like to take college-level courses at community colleges such as Lone Star and Blinn. This includes high school graduates as well as high school students that would like to take dual credit courses at a Texas community college. The assessment includes tests in the areas of math reading, writing, and a written essay. For example, in order for a student to take a college-level math class such as College Algebra, the student must have passed the math TSI assessment. Also, if a student has an acceptable SAT score then the TSI requirements are waived.

    Click the button below for tips on taking the different TSI tests and practice test questions.

    Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB)

    The ASVAB is used to test incoming recruits to the Armed Services in the areas of general science, arithmetic reasoning, mathematics knowledge, word knowledge, electronics information, auto information, shop information, mechanical comprehension, and assembling objects. This test is used by each branch of the Armed Services to set minimum requirements for entrance as well as for job assignments. It is important for each recruit to consult with their recruiter to know the ASVAB requirements for their desired branch as well as their desired career path.

    Click on the bottom below to learn more about the ASVAB test and practice questions.

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