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  • Spanish 1, 2, or 3 tutors
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Spanish Tutoring

In the US, it is currently estimated that we have approximately 53 million people that speak Spanish.  This includes those who learned Spanish as a first language but also many who have learned to speak Spanish as a 2nd language.  This number is larger than Spanish speakers in Spain or Colombia.

The Texas Tutor Team has a team of tutors that assist students with their Spanish learning.  We offer the following Spanish tutoring options students:

  • Spanish 1, 2, or 3 tutors
  • 1:1 In-Home Tutoring
  • 1:1 Remote/Virtual Tutoring
  • Conversational Spanish

Most highschool courses will offer students at least Spanish 1, 2, and 3 for students. 

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    High School Spanish (Spanish Levels 1, 2, 3)

    2 years of a foreign language is a requirement by many colleges. Spanish is a top choice by many high school students, not only because of its relevance to our geolocation, but also due to its prevalence as the second most spoken language in the United States.

    The Spanish language is a huge benefit not only for college admissions but can serve as a huge role later in life as students enter the job market. Bilingual employees are highly sought after.

    While in high school students are studying the building blocks of language, reading, writing, and grammar. Having a firm grasp on these elements of the English language can be hard enough. When studying a foreign language, the difficulty increases as each language has its own structure and rules.

    Differences in culture and etiquette further complicate things, making concepts harder to comprehend and retain.

    Hiring a Houston Spanish tutor can help your student each of these aspects. Our team specializes in the local school curriculum in Katy ISD, Cyfair ISD, HISD, Klien ISD and more.

    Our Spanish tutors help your student with reading comprehension, grammar, writing, Spanish culture, and conversational Spanish.

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    Spanish Tutoring Courses

    These courses introduce students to Spanish and work to develop proficiency in speaking, listening, reading, and writing.  By the end of the year-long course, students should be able to engage in conversations within the limits of practiced vocabulary and structure.  In addition, students will gain perspective and insight into the cultures of the countries where the language is spoken.  Our Spanish tutoring courses are conducted in Spanish as much as possible.

    Spanish 1

    1st Grading Period – Getting to Know You

    Alphabet, Numbers, Calendars, Likes/Dislikes

    2nd Grading Period – Things I Like to Do

    Activities, Interests, Location, Time Phrases

    3rd Grading Period – What Should I Wear

    Clothing, Weather, Seasons

    4th Grading Period – Going Out with Friends/Discovering Peru

    Invitations, Negotiating Plans, Places, Events, Life in Peru

    After Spanish level 1, our Spanish tutoring courses progress into more complex real-world scenarios.

    Houston Spanish Tutors

    Spanish 2

    st Grading Period – Life Abroad in Guatemala

    Comparisons, Transportation, City, Travel, Things to Do

    • 2nd Grading Period – Around Town

    Goods and Services Offered in a City, Foods, Cultural Practices of Mexico

    • 3rd Grading Period – A New Year/A New You

    Describe Childhood Memories, Behavior Choices, Giving and Asking for Advice

    • 4th Grading Period – Accidents Happen/Discovering Spain

    Objects, Explanations, Cultural Expressions, Preparing to Travel, Famous Festivals.

    Following Spanish level 2, our Spanish tutoring courses seek to bring students into more advanced Spanish understanding and language use.

    Spanish 3

    1st Grading Period – Me, Myself, and I

    Social Media Habits, Summer Life, Travel

    2nd Grading Period – Real Art/Plans for My Future

    Describing and Comparing Art, Music, and Dance, Plans for After High School, Professions, Formal Letter Writing

    3rd Grading Period – Our Planet/Our Future

    Environmental Challenges, Stating Opinions with Supporting Evidence, Giving Solutions.

    4th Grading Period – Taking a Stand

    Technology: Impact and Advantages/Disadvantages, Social Issues: hunger, war, illness

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